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Twinkie Town’s favorite MLB teams ranked first to last

You all ranked your favorite teams 1st to 30th. We combined your rankings and created a definitive Twinkie Town Favorite MLB Teams Ranking, including your thoughts on each team.

MLB First Year Player Draft
Who does Twinkie Town hate most? Who does Twinkie Town hate least? Who does Twinkie Town forget exists? We got the answers!
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Last Friday, I asked you guys, the good people of Twinkie Town, to rank all 30 MLB teams from your most favorite team to your least favorite. You were able to use whatever criteria you wanted since, hey, isn’t that what favorites are?

Ten of you (including myself) were up to this task, which is actually a bit harder than it sounds!

I combined all of your responses to create one definitive, master-list of Twinkie Town’s Favorite MLB Teams, Ranked. I did this using a simple points system. Each team was awarded 30 points for a first place ranking, 29 points for a second place ranking, 28 points for a third place ranking, and so on and so fourth.

Below is the list of Twinkie Town’s Favorite MLB Teams, Ranked (2017), along with some of the opinions that were shared about each team.

30. Yankees (80 points)

Is anyone really surprised?

What you had to say:

“Duh.” - pdx_twins_fan

“2003, 2004, 2009, & 2010.” - TwinsFan93

“I really really hate rich things.” - TawnyFroggy

“Classy uniforms. That's about it, the Heart of Darkness.” -bartleyrose


“I used to love to root for them in the 1970's - especially over Tommy Lasorda's Dodgers. They were wonderfully dysfunctional.” - Devereaux

“Anyone who grew up without a home team and doesn't say they liked the Yanquis as a kid is lying. I cried when Munson died.” - James Fillmore

29. Rangers (90 points)

I was surprised these guys game in at second to last, since there doesn’t really seem to be a reason for Twins fans to dislike them. Reading over the comments, however, answered my questions.

What you had to say:

“Because Texas.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I'm racist against Texans.” - TawnyFroggy

“They stole the North Stars, and that's reason enough.” - TwinksFan93

“Texas sucks.” - Devereaux

28. Braves (92 points)

Another not-really-a-shocker.

What you had to say:

“The tomahawk chop thing, cut that out.” - SooFoo Fan

“Tomahawk chops.” - Devereaux

“Tomahawk chop. That was awful in 91, is it still a thing? Don't like the South much, and hate Atlanta, Outkast was cool, yes I've been there, not much for recidivist history, but please, PLEASE stop with the Confederate flag bumper stickers, logos, paint jobs on cars. STOP IT. Ok rant over Gant was OUT.” - Bartleyrose

“They were too good for too long for me to give them a pass because they've sucked the past couple of years. Also, the Tomahawk Chop is the worst.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“The Tommahawk Chop is awful, and Gant was out was out. Get over it.” -myjah

27. White Sox (93 points)

Twins fans don’t like the White Sox? Who knew?

What you had to say:

“They were THE division rival when I was growing up. I'm legally bound to dislike them for the rest of my days.” - TawnyFroggy

“[T]heir stadium (Guaranteed Rate Field) has the stupidest name in the universe.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I don't know how the White Sox surpassed the Yankees for me, but they did. Perhaps it was Hawk Harrelson?” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Ozzie Guillen was a treasure.” - myjah

“They're in the division and just don't care for them.” - SooFoo Fan

26. Red Sox (105 points)

There was another common theme among opinions on the Red Sox: Boston fans.

What you had to say:

“There might not be any city whose fans are so consistently obnoxious across each of the four major sports the way Boston fans are. And the Boston sports media seems absolutely toxic.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Not as bad the Yankees, but still.” - SooFoo Fan


“I was rooting soooooo hard for them in 2004. I'm over it now, but there's some residue there.” - pdx_twins_fan

“Goes toe-to-toe with the Yankees without blinking.” - Devereaux

“I used to like the Red Sox before they won the World Series in 2004 and all their fans turned into obnoxious Yankee fans, except without any of the history to back it up.” - myjah

25. Indians (117 points)

Honestly, I’m surprised the Indians made if this far, and no one mentioned the drum. Maybe if I reminded everyone about the drum they would drop down further.

What you had to say:

“They actually don't seem like horrible people, but the racist logo trumps everything else.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I know racist logo, divisional rivals etc....I liked Jody Gerut and Travis Hafner of course Thome!!” -bartleyrose

“Hilariously racist, but Major League was funny so I don't hate them as much as I should.” - TawnyFroggy

“They have an 80-grade Twitter account.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Logo, name, that Mario sample they play when a run is scored, etc.” - SooFoo Fan

“I met and had a ten minute talk with Bob Feller in his museum in Iowa. I like their ballpark.” - Devereaux

“[T]he fans at one point were booing Jim Thome. WHO DOES THAT?” - myjah

“Fuck logo” - James Fillmore

24. Angels (121 points)

Honestly wonder where these guys would have ranked if it weren’t for Mike Trout, who seems to be popular with, well, everyone.

What you had to say:

“First of all, look at that ridiculous name. I hate the stupid Rally Monkey.” - myjah


“STOP CHANGING YOUR NAME. Or just go all out and be ‘Los angeles del Pueblo de la Reyna de los Angeles de Anaheim.’” - pdx_twins_fan

“Los Angeles Angels of California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels.” - TawnyFroggy

“Well other than cheering for the best player in baseball, Mike Trout, I don't know what these guys are up to these days.” - TwinsFan93

“Mike Scioscia reminds me of Gardy, also they have Trout.” - SooFoo Fan

“The ALCS loss in 2002 still stings. Is the 7th inning of that game over yet?” - Devereaux

23. Cardinals (124 points)

You would think the Cardinals would be more hated, but it seems like the fact they aren’t rich and are in the midwest helped them out. Also, their perennial goodness was a polarizing topic—it caused people to either like/respect them more, or hate them more.

What you had to say:


“They win too much these days, but they still have a bird dinosaur on their hats.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I don't dislike them nor do I like them but I respect them. I miss the good old days when Albert Pujols was with them.” - TwinsFan93

“Reminds me of the papacy. The Papal State really screwed me over in a game of Europa Universalis III once.” - TawnyFroggy

“Yadier Molina is cool.” - SooFoo Fan

“The teams aren't filled with mercenaries, like the Yankees and Dodgers teams. Baseball town. The people who put down their fans don't strike me as true baseball fans.” - Devereaux

“[T]he Cardinals are still the Cardinals, and they're never going to have a losing season again, because the Baseball Gods have decided they are the rulers of the National League until the end of the sport, or time, or both.” - Win-MIN-Twins


22. Tigers (134 points)

People really like the Tigers uniforms and logo. And cats, of course.

What you had to say:

“I like cats and that Old English D logo, classic.” - bartleyrose

“Sure, they're the Twins' rivals, but unlike with the White Sox, I've never felt like I had any reason to hate them. They have classic old-fashioned uniforms and they're named after kitties.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I got pretty sick of watching this team from 2011 to 2015 rip the Twins apart.” - TwinksFan93

“I like their uniforms. They let the Twins upset their most-excellent team in 1987.” -Devereaux

“[T]heir uniforms are nice, their ballpark is okay, and their players are tolerable.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“I think I still feel bad about 2003.” - myjah

21. Marlins (137 points)

A lot of people felt bad about Jose Fernandez and the fact they have such a terrible owner. The colors and ballpark also seemed to be a polarizing topic, with most people not being fans.

What you had to say:

“Those colors are obnoxious. But then, so is Florida.”- pdx_twins_fan

“They are so fascinating, in the way a dictator in a country you don't live in is.” - TawnyFroggy


“I think their new park looks horrible along with their vibrant color schemes for their jerseys. I mourn the loss of Jose Fernandez he had so much to show in baseball, and it's just a sad story for such a good player.” - TwinksFan93

“Bad logo.” - SooFoo Fan

“Oh, for Jeff Loria to steal money from the public, that's why.” - James Fillmore

“I hate their uniforms, their ballpark, and their owner. But they also have Ichiro and Giancarlo. And then there's the only time watching baseball has made me cry.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Not to mention, the Dinger Machine.” - myjah

20. Reds (138 points)

Most people were shocked to learn the Reds are a thing.

What you had to say:


“Cincinnati's airport is in Kentucky; wtf?” - pdx_twins_fan

“I actually just forgot about them and only had one spot left to fill.” - TawnyFroggy

“Who's pitching for them this year, though? *Crickets*” - TwinksFan3

“Nice park. I was there when Willingham cracked the homer off of Chapman a few years back.” - Devereaux

“I don't really have much of anything to say for or against the Reds.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Cincinnati Chili is just spaghetti.” - myjah

19. DBacks (142 points)

Sounds like a lot of people have family down in Arizona. The 2001 World Series was also a commonly cited subject—for better or worse.

What you had to say:

“They beat the Yankees in the World Series.” - pdx_twins_fan

“Brought me back to loving baseball. Plus they broke the back of the damnable Yankee dynasty.” - bartleyrose


“Dbacks sounds like dbags and I'm 12.” - TawnyFroggy

“Randy Johnson and 2001 is all that comes to mind. The one year I wanted the Yankees to win they lose.” - TwinksFan93

“Got some cousins in Arizona.” - SooFoo Fan

“There's always a lot of Twins fans when I go to games there.” - myjah

18. Dodgers (148 points)

The ol’ Trolley Dodgers were a pretty polarizing team. People either seemed to hate them for being so rich or like them for Vin Scully.

What you had to say:

“The NL Yankees that is all.” - TwinksFan93

“The team I love to hate so much I pretty much hate them. Beat the Twins in the Sixties. Rooted against them in the 70's. The Kirk Gibson home run still makes me gag when I see replays. Hollywood stars in the stands. Now they've turned into the Yankees on steroids. They burn money to keep the hamburger grills going.” - Devereaux

“I really really hate rich things still. I don't get the praise for Vin Scully.” - Tawny Froggy

“Vin Scully is/was awesome.” - SooFoo Fan

“In the mountains sometimes, I could get Scully on my transistor radio.” - James Fillmore

“You know why I love MLB.TV? Because 81 nights a year, you could fire up your laptop, PS3, phone, or whatever, and after a short moment, you would be listening to Vin Scully. That's utterly magical.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Vin Scully.” - myjah

17. Nationals (151 points)

Had no idea we had so many Expo fans in the house. Perhaps there was a shared bond over the whole contraction thing from 2001-2002? Byrce Harper was also a polarizing subject.

What you had to say:

“Poor Expos. :(“ - pdx_twins_fan

“They lost ground when they stopped being the Expos.” - TawnyFroggy

“These nationals are fun during the regular season but the during the postseason what happens? Bueller... Bueller...” - TwinksFan93

“Fun park. Great town.” - Devereaux

“Bryce Harper can be both annoying and entertaining; it really depends on the day what my opinion of him is. I really like Max Scherzer, and they've got some other players with whom I'm fairly okay. The Nats don't do a lot to bother me or make me root for them.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“I guess it's kinda cool they have Harmon Killebrew stuff around their stadium. Otherwise, I am pretty apathetic about the Nats.” - myjah

“Expos. Poop on the Nationals, they don't count.” - James Fillmore

16. Brewers (154 points)

Bernie Brewer, the old logo, family, and proximity Minnesota dominated with this one.

What you had to say:

“I liked the glove "MB" logo.” - James Fillmore


“Sorry TC, but Bernie Brewer is the best mascot of ALL TIME. If you don't know his backstory, google it. It's pretty lame he doesn't get to slide into a giant beer anymore, though.” - myjah

“When I was 9, my mom married a guy from Wisconsin, so for a while I thought I liked the Brewers. But my stepdad turned out to be a jerk. Therefore, all Brewers fans are jerks. You can't argue with that logic.” - pdx_twins-fan

“Wisconsin fans are just the worst.” - TwinsFan93

“Um, that mascot is kinda cool.” - SooFoo Fan

“I feel like I should dislike the Brewers because of the whole Minnesota-Wisconsin rivalry, but their name just creates next to no response in my brain. Their branding fits well with their name but is just so terribly underwhelming. Their ballpark looks utterly sterile. Their team is quite bad. There are things to like about them, for sure, like Bob Uecker and their status as a sort of kindred, Midwestern spirit to the Twins, but my opinion of them is largely next to no opinion.” - Win-MIN-Twins

15. Mets (154 points)

Proximity to the Yankees may have hurt the Mets, but not being the Yankees helped. There were also varying opinions over Mr. Met.

What you had to say:


“They're from New York; my Yankee hatred has geographically contaminated them.” - pdx_twins-fan

“Still New York, but years of futility helps their ranking.” - TawnyFroggy

“They had Johan at one point and I guess I always liked David Wright.” - SooFoo Fan

“Second-best mascot in baseball. NYC is awesome, and the Mets are Not Yanquis.” - James Fillmore

“They are the losers of New York (excluding the Jets and Nets), which has a certain charm to it.” - Win-MIN-Twins

14. Phillies (159 points)

There seemed to be a lot of apathy about the Phillies, but people tended towards liking them because they seem fun.

What you had to say:


“Good mascot.” - James Fillmore

“Philadelphia "Phillies"? Seriously? It's like they weren't even trying.” - pdx_twins-fan

“Because they are basically the Philadelphia Little Girl Horses, and that's awesome.” - TawnyFroggy

“I mean the Phillie Phanatic is just everything baseball. Good for the Phillies.” - TwinksFan93

13. Padres (161 points)

Most respondents were apathetic about these guys--except for one player...

What you had to say:

“Tony Gwynn. Never saw him play, wish I could have.” - bartleyrose


“The forgotten California team; they need some love. Also Tony Gwynn.” - pdx_twins-fan

“I couldn't be more neutral about the Padres. I'm so neutral about them, that I often forget they exist.” - TawnyFroggy

“They have a sweet park in Petco Field over in San Diego. Tony Gwynn is a favorite of mine as well.” - TwinksFan93

“Not a team in baseball elicits less emotion from me than the Padres.”- Win-MIN-Twins

“Is this team known for anything besides the Jack Clark/Tony Gwynn incident?” - Devereaux

“They need to go back to the brown uniforms, and then they'll move up higher on this list. Also, shout out to Joe Lanek! He's given me a great impression about Padres fans.” - myjah

12. Rockies (167 points)

Purple seems to be popular in the land of Sir Rogers Nelson, just as it should be.

What you had to say:

“More teams should use purple. “ - TawnyFroggy

“I personally know the manager of their AAA affiliate. He got me free tickets when he was playing for the Cubs.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I don't have a great reason as to why I like them they always just seem to be the underdogs, and I like underdogs in the world in general.” - TwinksFan93

“[H]ad the coolest ex-Twins.” - James Fillmore

“I like Denver and I have been lucky enough to visit the stadium twice. Fun to look around and see the Rocky Mountains.” - Devereaux

“More purple is needed in sports. The Rockies provide it, and in a nice-looking park. Plus, what have the Rockies ever done to the Twins? Nothing; that's what.” - Win-MIN-Twins

11. & 10. Rays (168 points) (tie)

Y’all really need to find god, or something... The Rays being a small market team playing in a dome, but also analytically-minded seemed to be a hit.

What you had to say:

“Would rank higher if the had stayed the DEVIL Rays.” - bartleyrose

“They have an ugly ballpark where stingrays can get hit by home runs.” - pdx_twins_fan

“If it hasn't been made clear, I have an appreciation for analytically savvy front offices. Perhaps a lot of the Rays' executive talent left with Andrew Friedman, but the team is largely inoffensive.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Their stadium constantly reminds me not to reminisce about the Metrodome. Root for them because they are always the AL East underdogs.” - Devereaux

“Because that was a sweet name. They are still the Devil Rays to me.” - TawnyFroggy

“I think the reason why I like the Rays so much is that they operate just like the Twins. A Small market team who play with the big dogs in the East how can you not love that?” - TwinksFan93

11. & 10. Astros (168 points) (tie)

Seems like most people kinda liked the Astros, but didn’t really know why.

What you had to say:

“2nd baseman is cool. Actually going back they have had a load of good to great 2nd basemen.” - bartleyrose

“My first favorite baseball player was Craig Biggio.” -Win-MIN-Twins

“When I was in first grade, my tee-ball team was called the Astros. The first time I ever batted, I rounded the bases and was tagged out between third and home... because no one told me you were allowed to STOP on the bases. Oops.” - pdx_twins_fan

“Altuve is what 5'5 and continues to feast upon any pitcher it seems like. He is like a mini Vlad Guerrero dude can just flat out hit.” - TwinksFan93

“Always felt sorry for them for how bad they were. Now we are the bads.” - SooFoo Fan

“They're likable enough, I guess.” - myjah

“I really dug Nolan Ryan cards as a kid. And I've got an Astrodome thing.” - James Fillmore

9. Cubs (169 points)

The Cubs were another really polarizing team. People either seemed to love them or hate them. The recent World Series win seemed to create some excitement here.

What you had to say:

“They finally won a WS and dammit I'm happy for them.” - SooFoo Fan

“Excellent ballpark. Wrigleyville rocks, even if the drunk Cubs fans are occasionally insufferable.” - Devereaux


“Too many people too damn happy when they won. Plus the level of douchiness of a lot, not all but a lot of the fans gets to me.” - bentleyrose

“We'll see how I feel about them going forward, now that they've actually won. Either way, though, the ivy on the outfield walls is worth a few points.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I never liked them, and now they won so I double don't like them.” - TawnyFroggy

“It was beautiful I cried no joke. Congrats lifelong Chicago Cubs fans you deserved every single bit of it.” - TwinsFan93

“Sorry, I'm not really into this team, and now that they won the World Series they ruined all of our jokes about Cubs fans. Way to go, assholes.” - myjah

“You could always get Caray on WGN.” - James Fillmore

“They will eventually become the Red Sox or the Blackhawks, and it will be difficult to like them at all, nut that time is not here yet.” - Win-MIN-Twins

8. Orioles (167 points)

Lots of love for Cal Ripken Jr., the ballpark, and birds.

What you had to say:

“They have a bird on their hat. Birds are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are cool. (Yes, the Cardinals also have a bird on their hat, but they've gotten too good to be lovable.)” - pdx_Twins_Fan

“Well I was named after Cal Ripken Jr., so I have to like them.” - TwinksFan93

“I like Machado.” - SooFoo Fan

“The singular of Orioles which I refuse to say bothers me for reasons I can not pinpoint.” - TawnyFroggy

“Eddie Murray, possibly my 2nd favorite player ever, and all the crap he took from some in the DC/Baltimore press and performed every year.” - bentleyrose

“First of the great new old-style parks.” - Devereaux

“I always liked the Orioles, maybe because of Cal Ripken Jr. They also seem to have a nice ballpark. I want to go there someday and find the brick outside where Justin Morneau's monster home run landed.” - myjah

7. Athletics (167 points)

I have no idea how the Athletics made it this far because you all seem to hate them.

What you had to say:

“Green is my favorite color, but those uniforms make a mockery of it.” -bentleyrose


“I used to automatically hate the A's because I am ‘of a certain age’ and remember when the Twins would perennially finish like 50½ games behind them in the standings. Now that they're in a different division, I kinda like the A's. Probably because of "Moneyball." But definitely not because of their ugly uniforms.” - pdx_twins_fan

“It is a really stupid name. Oh you guys are athletic? You don't say.” - TawnyFroggy

“The psychology of Billy Beane fancies me. Rickey Henderson embodies what speed means in the game of baseball.” - TwinksFan93

“After the Twins started their first swoon, around 1971, I started to like the A's and mostly never stopped. They went from the Rollie and Reggie dynasty, to Billy Martin's team and Ricky Henderson. When I lived in the Bay Area from 1987 to 1992, they were the raging Bash Brothers. They had an infielder named Carney. There was the return of Ricky, Dave Henderson, Dave Stewart. Epic battles with the Puckett and Gladden Twins. Oakland Coliseum had good tailgating, or easy BART access.” - Devereaux

“Rollie's mustache.” - James Fillmore

Moneyball is my favorite book. It completely changed the way I look at sports.”- Win-MIN-Twins

6. Giants (177 points)

A lot of our respondents seemed to have connections with the northwestern part of the country, which I think accounts for how high these guys were rated.

What you had to say:

“They have a beautiful ballpark where kayakers can get hit by home runs.” - pdx_twins_fan

“Mostly like their history back to New York days. Came to be a big John McGraw fan, for some unexplainable reason. Christy Mathewson. The Polo Grounds. Willie Mays. Barry Bonds. Their new park in San Francisco is top notch. Another team that doesn't tell its fans it has to tank.” - Devereaux

“They win too much, but seem to do it primarily with homegrown talent, so I don't despise them.” - TawnyFroggy

“I may or may not be related to one of the players.” - SooFoo Fan

“First MLB stadium I ever saw. Through the bars keeping pedestrians out from RF, but still. It was pretty.” - James Fillmore

“You may be tired of the Giants because of their World Series runs, but somehow, I am not.” - Win-MIN-Twins

5. Pirates (186 points)

There was a lot of apathy with this one too, but no one really had anything bad to say about the Pirates, so they were able to rack up a lot of points.

What you had to say:

“Those striped hats were the best.” - James Fillmore

“I vaguely remember an episode of WKRP where Les Nessman was doing a sports update and called him Willie Star Trek, I could be wrong.” - bartleyrose

“ARRRRR” - Hayden A

“My dad has a thing for pirates so his favorite non-Minnesota teams in sports are always the pirate themed ones. That's Pittsburgh for baseball and...something for football. Raiders? Is that a thing? I don't know the footballs.” - TawnyFroggy

“I just love Andrew McCutchen that is all” - TwinksFan93

“Don't really think about the Pirates too much.” - SooFoo Fan

“Willie McCovey. Bert Blyleven. Tugg McGraw. We Are Family. Now they have McCutchen, and recently Liriano and Florimon. A sparkling new park that is on my short list of places to visit.” - Devereaux

“How can you not love Andrew McCutchen? AND THAT BALLPARK?” - myjah

“Great uniforms, great ballpark, smart front office, talented roster, good history, and an exceedingly likable face of the franchise in Andrew McCutchen (though his ability has quickly faded). There are few things with the Pirates which I can pinpoint as negative.” - Win-MIN-Twins

4. Blue Jays (208 points)

Jesus Christ, what is it with you people and birds?!

What you had to say:

“I like birds, Blue Jays are related to Crows, my favorite bird.” - bartleyrose

“Canada and Minnesota aren't all that dissimilar but still, a foreign team seems somewhat exotic. Birds are also cool.” - TawnyFroggy


“Because Canada. It's like America, but nicer. And with a wayyyyyy better-looking leader.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I have a tough time rooting for Canada, but Joey Bats and Edwin were so fun to watch there.” - TwinksFan93

“They always dominate us and our home games against them have so many Jays fans in the crowd.” - TwinksFan93

“I don't much like the Canadian fans that overrun our park, but they're generally not as rude as Brewers, Yankees or Red Sox fans.” - Devereaux

“There are other countries? I thought that was neat.” - James Fillmore

“Best uniforms in baseball.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Joey Bats is amazing. I love how intense their fans are. They have great uniforms.” - myjah

3. Royals (212 points)

The Royals ranked very high on many people’s lists, which racked up a lot of points. People also frequently cited the fact they sucked for so, so long. No one seemed to dislike them all that much.

What you had to say:

“I always felt bad for them because they were so awful.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I had a George Brett Louisville Slugger bat.” - James Fillmore

“My dad was a big KC fan always talked about Brett, White, Otis man looking back the 76-85 Royals what great teams and great playoffs with the hated Yankees.” - bartleyrose


“Division rival, but they were always bad so that made them lovable.” - TawnyFroggy

“I know they are in our division, but they are my favorite team in our division. Their story is almost like the Cubs. Missed it barely in 2014 and then capitalized in 2015. I think, sadly, their championship is going to be overshadowed by the magnitude of Cubs world series victory this year. Let us not forget though the Royals were a garbage fire in the early 00's and worked their way from the bottom just like the Cubs.” - TwinsFan93

“Division rival, I suppose. I don't HATE them.” - SooFoo Fan

“Beautiful ballpark just down 35, with tons of great tailgating and nice fans. They were our nemeses in the 1970s, then they became our whipping boys and home away from home. Now they are a fun team to watch and a good representative from the AL Central.” - Devereaux

“Very much love this team. I know they are in the same division, and I don't care. I also had family connections here, as my uncle scouted here the longest. My aunt has worn a Kansas City World Series pennant around her neck for as long as I can remember. They are very likable, and their fans are legitimately the nicest people I've ever met... Also, George Brett poops his pants and is proud of it.” - myjah

2. Mariners (221 points)

Take a wild guess why the Mariners were ranked so high. You’ll probably be right.

(Also, that whole lots of people from the northwest United States thing didn’t hurt.)

What you had to say:

“Baseball during the post-dumb-poop-baby-stage of my life when I started having real thoughts and memories was the height of Griffey-mania and thinking of his swing still gives me shivers.” - TawnyFroggy

“Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. The Kingdome always looked worse than the Metrodome on TV. I liked the M's for years, they kept switching logos and seemed just an inch away from breaking out. Ichiro.” - bentleyrose

“Unfortunately, I moved to the Pacific Northwest right around the time the Mariners started sucking. But, Cascadia Pride. Plus, I can listen to them on the radio.” - pdx_twins_fan

“Ken Griffey is arguably one of the best. Dave Niehaus's call in 1995 ALDS as Griffey rounds 3rd brings goosebumps to my skin. I bring Dave Niehaus up because John Gordon is the soundtrack of my childhood summers and I know how much this man brought to the Seattle community. The Mariners are also a small market team and watching Ichiro put Seattle on the map was perfect for the city.” - TwinksFan93

“First MLB game I ever saw. I am also scared of mountains and deep water, and Seattle has both. I respect that which frightens me.” - James Fillmore

“This is almost entirely because two of my two three baseball players ever are Mariners: Ken Griffey Jr., and Ichiro Suzuki.” - myjah

1. Twins (300 points)

Ranked #1 on everyone’s list, because this is a damn Twins website! Some of you seem to be starting to question yourselves, though...

What you had to say:

“DUH” - Hayden A

“1987 and 91 were golden. Plus Puckett.” - bartleyrose

“Kirby, Killebrew, Oliva, Carew, Mauer. Met Stadium. Target Field.” - Devereaux

“I lived in Twins Territory longer than I lived anywhere else, so they win by default. If I'd never lived in the Upper Midwest, though, I think it'd be very weird to choose to be a Twins fan. Sort of like choosing to have psoriasis, or bunions.” - pdx_twins_fan

“I mean, duh. The 2001 and 2002 Twins seasons are the years I really became a baseball fan, and were also a primary source of bonding with both my parents who are baseball fans themselves. We all love to remind ourselves of good childhood memories when life was simple and happy.” - TawnyFroggy

“Memories of game 163 at the dome in 2009. Torii Hunter crashing into the center field wall stealing probable homeruns. Target Field is just a fantastic place to take in a game. All of our young talent Buxton, Sano, and Berrios. I have mad faith these guys are going to put it together here soon.” -TwinksFan93

“I don't know, geographic location.” - SoofFoo Fan

“I had a shitty apartment with no A/C, so I started going to Twins games. I liked the games. I liked the A/C. I liked the Twins song and Hormel Hot Dog song. 50% of these things are gone.” - James Fillmore

“The day that I believe, in retrospect, sealed my Twins fandom: June 14, 2007. It was my first Twins home game and my only ever time at the Metrodome. My family was in Minnesota for a few days on vacation, and we had taken the train from Bloomington to 34 Kirby Puckett Place as part of our visit before we would later head a few hours south for a family reunion in Iowa. Then, we would hop back on I-35 and go home to Texas. But for that Thursday, we were several rows up the third base line (I believe in the upper deck, but I don't quite recall) to see the Twins host the Braves with Johan Santana on the mound. I was already a Twins fan due to family ties to the area, and I knew certain things, like 1991 but I cared much more about the Vikings and about football in general.

After a Joe Mauer groundout in the bottom of the ninth moved Luis Castillo (who led off with a single) to second, the Twins trailed 2-0 and had a 12 percent chance of victory. I was as hopeless as you can imagine; when the video board told the crowd to get loud, I told my brothers that there was no point. The game was lost.

Apparently not caring for the cynicism of the middle school kid in the stands, Michael Cuddyer, on a 1-2 count, tripled to left field to bring home Castillo. Justin Morneau then reached base but failed to advance the runner. A Yunel Escobar throwing error, however, brought the game level. I found belief and joined the rest of the 26,000-plus in exultation as Mike Redmond came to bat (fully clothed). I've never found video of this, as it was just before MLB Advanced Media became really good about archiving every video they had. But what I do remember is Redmond putting the ball into left field and unleashing the loudest roar I had ever heard in my life. I screamed along with everyone else, and the Twins walked off with a 3-2 victory.

I wouldn't see a home game for another eight years, but I followed the team as best I could, played with them near-exclusively in MLB: The Show, and tried to attend at least one of their visits to Arlington each year with my dad. And now I'm here. It sometimes feels like something that has caused me more pain than enjoyment, but I never plan on leaving.” - Win-MIN-Twins

“Kirby Puckett.” - myjah

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