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Tuesday Twins: Jet lag, Dozier, and moving forward

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Welp, let’s hope these guys can get the Twins somewhere in 2017...
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Good day, Twins fans! Here are the links:

  • A new report released yesterday studied the affects of jet lag on MLB players, and it’s bad news for West Coast teams. There were some other surprising findings as well, such as that jet lag affects teams more at home than away...
  • Speaking of west coast teams, Dodgers fans are still buzzing over last night’s trade that brought them second baseman Logan Forsythe and effectively ended a possible trade for Brian Dozier. A glance at the comments over at True Blue LA make it look like fans are disappointed, but okay with it.
  • On the other hand, fantastic name-owner Bradford Doolittle has a great piece for ESPN exploring whether Dozier can realistically be expected to repeat his 2016 performance. Spoiler alert: Doolittle thinks it’s possible, but not likely.
  • Over at Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan argues that Forsythe is basically the same thing as Dozier, even thought Fangraphs’ own projections seem to say otherwise.
  • Twins Daily’s Cody Christie came up with five remaining free agents that might be a fit for the Twins. You like any of these guys?
  • One writer over at believes the Twins’ fortuntes in 2017 depend on whether Byron Buxton can become the next Mike Trout or not, and, well, uh... that’s not leaving me very hopeful.
  • Mark Townsend over at Yahoo! Sports explored whether Johan Santana is Hall of Fame material, and if a possible comeback could improve his chances of being elected.
  • A disturbing report out of the Dominican Republic claims looters found Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura still alive after his car accident, but instead of helping, looted him and left him for dead. Items taken reportedly include his 2015 World Series ring.