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Michael Cuddyer, Andy MacPhail elected to Twins Hall of Fame

The magician and former front office wiz will be getting the special treatment this summer.

Michael Cuddyer #60
It’s so sad how they just grow up... /sniff

The Twins announce their team Hall of Fame inductees each year at the beginning of TwinsFest, 2017 was no different. Today is was announced that Michael Cuddyer and Andy MacPhail will be entering the shrine next summer.

The induction ceremonies themselves will be held at Target Field over the weekend of Friday, August 18th to Sunday, August 20th.

Michael Cuddyer spent 11 different season with the Twins, and was elected as a sort of pitty All-Star in 2011 because the whole team kind of sucked. Cuddy hit .272 with 141 home runs, 606 runs and 580 RBI in his time with the Twins, and appears on several career top ten lists for the team, usually in the 9th or 10th spot.

You probably never heard this before, but Cuddyer also does magic tricks.

Cuddyer took to Twitter to express his excitement over the honor.

The second inductee, Andy MacPhail, is a front office guy. He currently works for the Phillies, but he spent ten years in the Twins front office, and is credited with building the Twins’ only two championship Teams (1987 and 1991, but you should know that already). I’m a little surprised he wasn’t already in the Twins Hall of Fame.

Super beat writer Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press spoke to MacPhail, who doesn’t have Twitter, by phone.

One Twitter user was quick to answer that last one.

Runners up in voting for player inductees were Danny Gladden followed by Cesar Tovar, and on the non-players side, Rick Stelmaszek followed by Jerry Bell.