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Monday Recap: Your TwinsFest experience

It’s still winter...
Maija Varda

Happy post-TwinsFest Monday, Twinkie Towners.

Were you able to check out TwinsFest this weekend? I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you did not, because by the looks of our FanPosts, TwinsFest does not appear to be that popular here. Of the two FanPosts we did get about the event:

  • zkonedog said he went to TwinsFest once in 2005, but refuses to pay for autographs and had a sub-par run in with Kent Hrbek, so it was mostly not a great experience (although he did have a few fond memories).
  • gintzer was also not a TwinsFest fan, saying he doesn’t like autographs and “going to TwinsFest seems like going to a strip club and sitting in the front row.” I’ve never been to a strip club, so I’m not sure what that means, but you can read his brief FanPost for yourself.

Well, I did go to TwinsFest, and I liked it! I’ill admit, though, I agree with zkonedog and gintzer that I’m not too into the autographs part of it. I think I tried waiting in line for an autograph once in the Metrodome, never got to the front of the line before it ended, and never attempted to get an autograph again (at least not in the big scheduled lines).

Since moving to Target Field, TwinsFest has gotten a lot more interactive with the players and a lot less like the memorabilia/card show sale that it used to be. I like looking at and buying stuff, but the change is okay since the players are fun too. The only game I saw this year was a very strange lip sync battle between Torii Hunter and Brian Dozier, followed by a game of password. In fact, the Twins uploaded a video on their Facebook page:

I walked in like part-way through this, so imagine my initial confusion.

Another one of my favorite parts about TwinsFest is just sitting and listening to the interviews at the ESPN 1500 stage. Maybe with a beer and a hot dog, and especially when they’re getting the band back together on stage, like they did on Saturday.

Yes, I know I could just listen at home, since the interviews are all broadcast on ESPN 1500 AM, but it’s more fun when you’re there in person. Then cool stuff happens like when Torii Hunter walks by you leaving the stage and puts his hand on your shoulder and says, “How you doin’?” I’m not the biggest Torii fan, but stuff like that is cool.

I got a bit of a shock when I went down in the basement of Target Field where vendors have their individual tables set up. I came across one with a nice lady sitting behind it selling nice black and white photos and CDs. When I got closer, I realized the pictures were of Jim “Mudcat” Grant, and then finally noticed it was Mudcat right there next to the lady, sort of hiding in a big jacket and hat. He wasn’t getting much attention, which I thought was amazing. I bought his CD and he signed it for me.

Probably my favorite part of TwinsFest is the Yard Sale area. That’s the area where they sell leftover stadium giveaways, jerseys, and shirts that didn’t sell. Random stuff like that. Think tables full of Nishioka shirseys for $3 or something.

This year, they actually had a long line you had to wait in until they let you in the room with all the merchandise. I almost didn’t wait in the line, but I’m glad I did, because I got this bad-boy for $6:

Yes, my friends, that is a figurine of Brad Radke wearing a cape. BRAD RADKE WEARING A CAPE. For less than the price of a beer. It’s like it was made for me.

Did anyone else go to TwinsFest last weekend? What was your favorite part? Did you see or buy anything cool?

The Twins are thinking of moving the event to US Bank Stadium in 2019. Do you think that will be better?

Are you like zkonedog and gintzer and hate TwinsFest? Why? Are you even a Twins fan?