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Twins hire Baseball America Editor in Chief to join pro-scouting department

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John Manuel is moving from baseball journalism to baseball scout, joining Derek Falvey and Co. in Minnesota.

Minnesota Twins v Milwaukee Brewers
Manuel is putting on a new, slightly different hat.

I woke up this morning to find baseball Twitter abuzz with some big news: The Minnesota Twins hired John Manuel to join their pro-scouting department. The buzz wasn’t all just from Twins fans either, but a whole spectrum of baseball people.

If you’re not familiar with John Manuel, he is (or was?) the Editor in Chief for Baseball America and a long time baseball journalist. Baseball America focuses on in-depth coverage particularly of college baseball, minor leagues, prospects, and the MLB draft. Manuel started there as a journalist back in 1996, and is known as an expert in those areas, having written countless articles, spoken on podcasts, served as a college baseball color analyst, so on and so forth.

Now, is it unusual for a career journalist to become a baseball scout? Not really, especially not in this day in age. More than a handful of Baseball America and other internet baseball writers writers have recently gone on to find jobs in baseball front offices. In fact, Derek Falvey hired several Baseball America alumni while working for the Indians, which is how Falvey and Manuel first made a connection.

According to a Facebook post by Manuel, Falvey recently called him up for leads on possible scouting hires. Manuel himself suggested the Twins hire him.

This hire is unexpected, but I also love it. Manuel obviously has a ton of connections that can be an asset to the front office—I mean, our Chief Baseball Officer was calling him for advice, not the other way around. His knowledge of prospects all-around is undeniable, and he clearly has a desire for the job (he asked for it). I don’t think writing reports on prospects for the public, versus writing them for the Twins front office specifically, is too big of a jump. Heck, Manual may have a new and different approach to things that would put the Twins ahead of the pack.

Hopefully this hire means the Twins do even better in next year’s draft than they did in this year’s draft, and beyond.