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FanPost Call: 2017 Twins—The Movie?

FanPost “Friday” is back! This week we’re asking: If the 2017 Twins were a movie, what movie would they be?

Blockbuster Targets Hispanic Market With Spanish-Language Movies
Remember the days?
Photo by David Friedman/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

Yes, this thing still exists! If you forgot what this is, it’s the thing where I ask the Twinkie Town community a question, you consider the question, write a FanPost in response, and then we recap what everyone had to say the next week. It’s fun!

This week we are asking you...

What movie title or plot best describes the season the Twins just had and why?

You can go anywhere with this. Think this season was Forest Gump? Bam, okay, tell me who Lieutenant Dan was. Was this season My Little Ponies? That’s sick. Maybe you think the season was like Baby Driver because it was exciting and made you want to drive your car really, really fast. Whatever works for you!

Want to write a more serious analysis of the Twins season? Just use a movie title for your post and BAM, you’re part of FanPost Friday!

Include pictures, or don’t include pictures. It’s your life.

This is a fun one, so don’t miss out. Start your FanPost now.