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HPMLD: Big name pitchers, Big Sexy, Boston sports radio

Are the Twins legitimately in the running for a marquee free agent? And why is Boston radio a sadness toilet?

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump tuned up the snow blower, got the heavy coats, gloves, and hats out of storage, and is fully prepared for a long winter by the HOT STOVE BABY. Dig in:

  • It’s common for the local beat writers to do a piece on the perpetually pitching-starved Twins and how long the odds are that they’ll attempt to improve it by throwing money at a marquee free agent. So it’s surprising that a national writer is talking about the Twins attempting to improve their pitching by throwing money at a marquee free agent. Even relievers! I won’t believe Jake Arrieta, Minnesota Twins ace is real until he’s pitched at least eight games for the team. Neither should you.
  • That list of the 50 best free agents of 2017-18 we talked about last week? Grant Brisbee looked at the 50 best from 2012-13. It’s not pretty. Have a good farm system if at all possible, favorite baseball team.
  • Shohei Ohtani and his magic arm are on everyone’s radar. He’s almost definitely not coming here, but if you are one of those weirdos who think the Twins should avoid another international signing in the wake of Nishioka and Park, please never leave comments on the Internet. (There’s a chance I read a couple of these takes on Twitter, and am venting to you, the enlightened fan.)
  • I mean, come on, racists:
  • If this was still the “old” Twins, this would be the more likely scenario: Big Sexy is coming back for 2018. SB Nation’s Whitney McIntosh has some ideas.
  • There were a lot of heartwarming and touching remembrances of the great Roy Halladay this week. Boston sports radio, on the other hand, is a sewer filled with trash made out of poop and other trash.
  • Watch out for falling managers. (Don’t tell that Boston dipshit about this, he’ll say Yost deserved it.)