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Thursday Twins: I would die 4 Yu

Who really is Yu anyway? Plus Thad Levine’s underrated staff members, Bert Blyleven’s new hardware, Japan, and more.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays
Imagine all the puns Yu could make...
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s some delicious mental fodder served up to you all, all in one place:

  • Get to know top free agent pitcher and potential new Twin, Yu Darvish. SI has a great long-form piece on him!
  • Fangraphs asked a bunch of MLB General Managers who the most underrated member of their organization was, and Thad Levine gave some props to his advanced scouting department. A couple of our AL Central rivals answered the question too, but one of them was a total cop-out.
  • HOF pitcher and Twin’s broadcaster Bert Blyleven was given some hardware of his own the other night, which was totally overshadowed by Molitor winning AL Manager of the Year
  • The four-letter network took a look at who the next “Super-ace” in the MLB could be. Remember that guy we chased out of the wildcard game in the first inning? Yeah, he’s on there. There are a few names that could surprise you, as well as one of our own.
  • The Twins expect the now-bionic Miguel Sano to be ready for opening day. If Sano isn’t ready or able to play third, the Twins have a back-up plan, according to Mike Berardino. Yes, it is exactly who you are thinking.
  • Former Twins reliever/prospect Jason Wheeler has found a new team in Asia. He’s only 27 years old! Hopefully he can build his value back up, and find some success.
  • MLB Daily Dish took a look at the Twins’ off season and wondered “Where do they go from here?” Up, that’s what I say.

And, for your listening pleasure, one of my personal favorites, being covered by an underrated man who recently passed from this earth.