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Your grandmother ‘thrilled’ with Twins return to WCCO

Would also like you to call more, is that too much to ask?

Photo: Flickr/Collapse the Light

The Minnesota Twins are returning to their longtime radio home of WCCO. This move has excited many of the team’s fans, none more so than Agatha, your grandmother.

“I’m thrilled about this, I really am,” said the 81-year-old resident of Sleepy Eye, a town she’s lived in her entire life. “Ever since they left ‘CCO, I’ve had to futz with the dial to find the game and it never came in right. It’s quite the deal.”

The team had spent the last decade-plus on 1500ESPN and later GO96, a station owned by the Pohlads.

“It used to be I could just leave ‘CCO on all day,” said your grandmother. “It drove Frank (your late grandfather) nuts. He thought Steve Cannon was a communist.

“Frank also wrote a bunch of checks to that televangelist who it turned out was a sex pervert, so he could get a little out there sometimes. I always thought Ma Linger was a hoot.”

Per the Star Tribune, the Twins’ current broadcast team of Cory Provus and Dan Gladden should remain unaffected.

“I like them,” said your grandmother. “Danny gets a little excited, but that’s OK. He has a good heart.”

Your grandmother says that, although Ruth Koscielak and Boone and Erickson are no longer on the station, she still listens from time to time.

“I do like to watch my stories, but if I’m in the kitchen I’ll listen to Sid’s boy (Chad Hartman), he’s really smart. He always makes fun of that DeRulo fellow (Jason DeRusha) from the TV news. I don’t like him. He’s from Chicago.”

The team’s return to WCCO, where they’d been from 1961-2006, was not the only thing on Agatha’s mind.

“Would it hurt you to call a little more often?” asked your grandmother. “I hear from Sean (your brother, who is a kissass) all the time. I know he lives closer and you live in the Cities, but it’s always nice to hear your voice. Are you seeing anybody?”

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Original piece quoted Agatha as saying “WCCO”. A local south metro homebrewer correctly noted that everyone in Agatha’s demographic calls it “‘CCO”. We regret the error.]