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Sunday Twins: Morneau, trade ideas, and more

Twins related links for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Chicago White Sox
Should the Twins make a trade for Abreu?
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
  • Though he hasn’t officially retired, Justin Morneau admits that it’s not likely he’ll be able to find a roster spot in 2018. If he does decide to call it quits, I think he’d be good in the broadcast booth.
  • Benjamin Chase at Puckett’s Pond looks at some trades the Twins could do with the White Sox.
  • Michael Tonkin says his goodbyes... to the Twins.
  • Wow, there’s not a lot of news to talk about. Well, my 2020 Twins in MLB The Show is sitting at 67-52. Royce Lewis is coming soon, probably next year. That probably pushes Polanco to 2B.
  • Francisco Liriano is a free agent, let’s go get him. He’s probably better than Buddy Boshers.

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