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Miguel Sano is having a titanium rod surgically implanted in his leg

Remember how Miguel Sano fouled a ball of his left shin and was on the DL for like two months? About that...

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

If you were one of those people wondering why the hell the Twins left Miguel Sano off the wildcard game roster, here’s your answer.

The Twins announced today that Sano will, indeed, get surgery to insert a titanium rod into his left leg on November 13th. The surgery is meant to address the stress reaction Sano suffered when he fouled a ball off his leg last August. Sano’s recovery has been slow, and although he came back for the last series of the season to test his leg, it didn’t go well, and he was left off the one-game playoff roster.

As I wrote earlier in October when surgery was first mentioned as a possibility, it’s not too incredibly rare for athletes to get. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I think having a titanium rod implanted in your leg sounds sort of cool. If it finally helps Sano get over this thing, I’m all for it.

Recovery from the surgery is about six to eight weeks, so Sano should be read to go by the time Spring Training rolls around February 19th.