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Thursday Twins: Stuff to read while you hide from your family

Pull out your phone, we have Twins links more interesting than your drunk uncle’s political rant!

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy whatever your tradition is, and be safe. Just your annual reminder, be kind to retail workers tomorrow! Without further ado, have some links:

  • Twins’ great Mudcat Grant recently shared his take on the National Anthem protests, and might be uniquely positioned to comment on the situation.
  • Chris Mitchell’s KATOH project system thinks one of the Twins’ MiLB free agent has some promise. Maybe they should lock that guy up? Also on the free-agent front, Fangraphs rates an old friend, and a guy the Twins have been listed as a popular landing-spot for as two of their “Free Agent Landmines” to avoid.
  • John Curtiss has identified how he can improve in 2018.
  • Also looking at 2018, SI has released their off-season power rankings. They probably have the Twins a bit lower than fans think they belong. ESPN, meanwhile, optimistically expects the Twins to be “Prime Contenders” in 2018
  • The four-letter guys took a look back at some of Ken Griffey Jr’s greatest catches. It’s not really Twins related, but its awesome, and I hope we’re talking about Buxton like this in roughly 25 years

As for music, there is only one song I could pick for today. I don’t care that it’s 18 minutes long, this is the best Thanksgiving song ever recorded. If you don’t agree, we’ll have a food fight or something!