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Monday Morning Minnesota: Ohtani, Ohtani, Darvish and Ohtani

Netherlands v Japan - International Friendly Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Step out of your thanksgiving coma induced by eating all those pepperoni pizza flavor-blasted goldfish or whatever it is you people all eat during the holidays. It is Monday and time to click a bunch of links about Shohei Ohtani and barely anyone else!

  • made a list of the MOST EXTREME homeruns of the year. The Twin on the list might surprise you slightly until you realize the category he won.
  • Thad Levine spoke with Jim Duquette and Jim Bowden on Sirius XM Radio and mentioned the two most sought after pitchers of the off-season are the Twins priority targets. Personally I’m having fun with the mere fantasy off it all, compared to what we are used to expecting.
  • Keeping with our theme here at Shohei Ohtwinkletown, Ohtani sent out a memo to the 30 MLB teams asking them to tell him why they want him. This strategy of asking employers why they should be the ones to earn the privilege of paying me is exactly the one I used to stay unemployed for 5 years, but I guess I’m not the Japanese Babe Ruth. I’m just the Babe Ruth of run-on sentences and I can see how that is less desirable in the current market.
  • In case you are sick of hearing about Ohtani (in which case, oh boy do I feel sorry for you.) here is a look at the potential Gerrit Cole trade from the viewpoint of a Pirates fan.

Today’s soundtrack is music.