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Thursday Twins: A long look at the future

Future closers, pitch clocks, prospects available in the Rule 5 draft, and more.

American League Wild Card Game - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Your links nearing the end of the work week:

  • ESPN dove into where closers come from. They also think one of our current guys has a resume very similar to a current rising-star closer, and its probably not who you think it is. Which current Twin do you trust most as their next closer?
  • Not strictly Twins related, but Dave Laurila at Fangraphs had a chat with Thad Levine about MLB Manager resumes. Links are in short supply right now, so just go with it!
  • Jeff Sullivan, also at Fangraphs, investigated the impact the proposed pitch clock will have on the major leagues, and found that overall, it will probably do very little. But that’s alright, shaving a couple seconds will surely bring in droves of new, young fans, right?
  • Our mothership is suprised the Twins are asking for a seat at the big-boy table of Free Agency. To be honest, I might be a little surprised too, but in a good way. The boy wonders are making waves, so lets see how this pans out. Maybe the “Twins Way” really is dead?
  • CBS Sports took a look at the top trade candidates (besides Giancarlo Stanton,) and they think the Twins should be interested in several of them. Most are, as you probably guessed, pitchers, but they also listed a third baseman. I guess they don’t have a lot of faith in Miguel Sano and/or Eduardo Escobar.
  • Prospect Guru Jonathan Mayo has a piece about the top prospects left available in the Rule 5 draft. One of the Twins’ guys is on the list, unsurprisingly. Is there anyone on there you could see the Twins taking? I could see them grabbing somebody, depending on how they feel about certain positions.
  • Finally, from our “even the pro’s have nothing new to write about right now” files, Rhett Bollinger recapped the Twins’ community involvement, and there are some really giving guys on the team. This concludes your “holiday spirit” portion of today’s events.

Should we end this thing on music? Of course we should! As usual, I’m going to pick an older song. I have no shame though! This is Americana ya’ll. Bruce Springsteen did this song well, but I love Johnny’s cover.