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Tuesday Twins: ESPN doesn’t expect much from the 2018 Twins

ESPN’s latest power rankings are bogus! Plus, other notes on new hires, free agents, the Hall of Fame, and more.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Only 19th? Pssshht.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hello! Links here for you:

  • ESPN already did power rankings for the 2018 MLB season, and the Twins only made it to 19th! The author apparently thinks the 2017 Twins were just a fluke? Looking at all the young, talented guys on the roster, I’m not sure I agree with that assessment.
  • Puckett’s Pond ranked the top five Twins mustaches of all time to celebrate “movember”. Neither Tom Brunansky nor Jack Morris made the list.
  • Speaking of Jack Morris, he’s on the Modern Era Hall of Fame ballot this off season, so we get to do the whole “Is Jack Morris really a Hall of Famer?” thing again.
  • Hey! The Twins hired a new minor league catching coordinator. His name is Tanner Swanson. That’s about all I know about him.
  • FoxSports went over some of the potential free agent targets for the Twins, including one guy TJ already signed on the very first day of SB Nation’s GM Simulation.
  • Meanwhile, Brandon Warne wrote about how the Twins should copy the Astros’ formula for success — but only kind of.