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Brian Dozier wins AL Second Base Gold Glove award

Because of course Brian Dozier won the America League Second Base Gold Glove. Pshht. Duh. I totally called that.

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
RIP Roy Halladay.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

When Brian Dozier was named one of the three finalists for the AL Second Base Gold Glove award, I though, “That’s cute.” I didn’t think Dozier had a chance to win, and not because he’s bad defensively, but Gold Glove? That seemed a bit lofty to me, so imagine what I thought after I pre-wrote my “Byron Buxton wins Gold Glove” post and was trying to enjoy re-watching Breaking Bad when I heard Brian Dozier actually won the AL Second Base Gold Glove? I’m almost to the part where Q enters the show, damn it.

I mean, no—I’m happy for Brian Dozier. Obviously. He’s clearly the best defensive second baseman in the American League. I mean, he won the award.

These things are voted on by managers and coaches, and honestly, I think this has more to do with Brian Dozier being an all-around solid player more than him being particularly good defensively. Dozier isn’t bad by any means, but a Gold Glove seems a bit fancy here (especially when Joe Mauer didn’t even get listed as a finalist for the AL Gold Glove at first base).

Dozier hit .271/.359/.498 with 34 home runs and 30 doubles in 2017, which is a lot for a second baseman—so of course he deserves the Gold Glove. Right?

Here’s a video of Brian Dozier defensive highlights from 2016, because I don’t even thing anyone bothered to make a 2017 Brian Dozier defensive-highlight video:

Dozier’s 2017 Gold Glove win at second base marks only the second such award for the Twins. The only other Twins Second Base Gold Glove award was won by Chuck Knobluach in 1997.

Congrats, Brian Dozier!