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Thursday Twins: Fernando Rodney locked himself in a bathroom during a game once

On accident, of course — but oh my god, this is my worst nightmare.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Not much Twins news. Sorry! But I still have some links for you:

  • New Twins closer Fernando Rodney once got stuck in a bathroom during a game, and the grounds crew had to break the door open to free him so he could pitch the 9th inning. This is startling to me because I imagined a similar scenario as one of the worst possible things that could have happen during the Twins vs. Yankees wildcard game earlier this year. I thought I was just being unrealistically silly.
  • There’s even video:
  • Yu Darvish, who met with the Cubs on Monday, had dinner with Rangers GM Jon Daniels last night — but just as friends, as opposed, to, like, as a couple? What I mean is that the Rangers don’t actually intend to sign Yu Darvish. It’s about the Rangers, not anything Yu did.
  • If you have cable and aren’t busy tonight, FSN is broadcasting a Twins Town Hall at 7:00 pm CT featuring live questions and answers with Derek Falvey, Thad Levine, Paul Molitor, and Joe Mauer. It probably can’t go worse than how Derek Jeter’s Town Hall event went a couple days ago, right? Who’ll be watching? (I’ll be on a plan headed to New York to spend the holidays with my partner’s Yankees-fan family.)
  • ESPN 1500’s Derek Wetmore, who does excellent Twins coverage, has a new piece out about how the Twins can compliment Yu Darvish if they sign him to be an ace. What do you think?