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Miguel Sano accused of sexual assault

A photographer for the Twins tweeted the story about an incident several years ago involving the third baseman.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Just 15 minutes ago, this tweet came out from Betsy Bissen, a Minnesota Twins photographer for Twins Daily. Her tweet spoke of an incident where Miguel Sano assaulted her several years ago.

Here is her message in full:

According to Bissen, Sano was doing an autograph event at a store where Bissen volunteers. He already knew her since she also worked at Target Field as a photographer. He attempted to flirt with her throughout the event, and after the signing was over, he allegedly grabbed Bissen’s wrist and forced her to join him at the nearby Apple store. Bissen wrote that she, “didn’t want to cause a scene, so she went along without complaint.”

When they left, Sano asked to use the bathroom and Bissen directed him where it was. However, while this happened, Bissen stated that he grabbed her once again, attempted to pull her along with him, and then tried to kiss her. She continued to resist, but Sano refused to let go of her. Bissen wrote that she squatted to prevent Sano from pulling her with him, and eventually he gave up and left.

By the way, Bissen acknowledges that her decision to share this is completely unrelated to the Twins floating Sano’s name in trade talks, as they were completely unaware of the incident.

On the plus side, Trevor Plouffe is a believer and has Betsy’s back.

Since this story was just shared earlier this morning, the Twins have not had a chance to issue a statement in response.

UPDATE [2:03 pm CT]:

The Twins released the following statement:


Minneapolis/St. Paul — Today the Minnesota Twins were made aware of allegations involving Miguel Sano at an offsite appearance during the 2015 season.

The Twins, along with Major League Baseball, take these allegations very seriously. Until more information is gathered, the Twins will have no further comment.