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The developing Miguel Sano story

The latest on the troubling accusations against the Twins star.

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What we know

  • Twins Daily photographer Betsy Bissen wrote about a 2015 incident wherein Twins third baseman Miguel Sano allegedly harassed and assaulted her. If you were not in a sensory deprivation chamber yesterday, you’re very, very familiar with this story. You can read her open letter here.
  • Miguel Sano has denied the allegations.
  • The team released a statement saying they “take the allegations very seriously” and are offering no further comment.
  • Major League Baseball says “they are in the process of looking into it.”
  • Yahoo’s Jeff Passan spoke with five people familiar with Sano (“teammates, ex-teammates, and confidants”). He was characterized as someone who liked to chase women and “a ticking time bomb” for this kind of accusation.
  • Before Bissen was forced to lock her account by cretins with internet access, she confirmed to the Britt & Brauer podcast’s David Brauer that the 1st base coach mentioned in her story is no longer with the club. She also said his advances did not go beyond asking for her phone number.
  • Before Bissen was forced to lock her account by trash people with garbage lives, both former Twin Trevor Plouffe and current Twin Trevor May tweeted encouragement to her.

What we don’t

  • Where this thing all goes from here. We’ve watched these scandals metastasize. We’ve watched them peter out. We simply don’t know what exact actions will be taken at this point, and anyone who says they do is lying or selling you something.

What we could give two entire shits about

  • Your tirades against women and/or victims of sexual assault. Myjah has the banhammer at the ready. She will use it without hesitation. [Editor’s note: Amazingly I’ve only had to use it once in the past day, in a case where someone clearly ignored every single warning given. Thank you, Twinkie Town community.] Be civil.

We will update the story as the situation develops.