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Shohei Ohtani won’t be coming to the Twins

Never wanted you anyway!!!!!!!

Japan v Mexico - International Friendly
You’re making a mistake, Shohei.
Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

The “Japanese Babe Ruth”, a.k.a. Shohei Ohtani, is reportedly in Los Angeles meeting with various MLB teams about signing with one of them for 2018. One of those teams, reportedly, is NOT the Minnesota Twins, which is lame as hell.

Uh, well, thanks?

It seems like all of the teams that made Ohtani’s final list are west coast teams — Mariners, Giants, etc. I haven’t heard that the Padres are out of it yet, so for the time being I am pulling for them so hard. Who would ever have thunk Ohtani to the Padres? It would be great.

But seriously, he’s going to probably end up on the Mariners. You just know it.

At least it’s not the Yankees.