My 2018 Twins Resolutions

Andy King/Getty Images

  1. Sweep the 4-game series with the Yankees in New York (April 23-26). This is partly because they're the team we lost to in the playoffs last year but mostly because they're the Yankees.
  2. Freaking sign Yu Darvish. Just do it. Throw all of the money at him.
  3. Play some baseball. Yeah, I want the Twins to be successful while they do this. But failing that, I just want to see the team out there playing the game. Just a few more months...
  4. I want Max Kepler to be able to hit left handed pitching, and overall just take the next step in his development.
  5. Bartolo Colon needs to pitch on the Twins in 2018. It needs to happen. I don't think I need a reason.
Most of all, I hope you Twinkietowners (or whoever-reads-this-ers) have a great 2018!