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Thursday Twins: Rafael Palmeiro is making a come back

Just make sure to look busy when your boss walks by.

(FILE PHOTO) Mitchell Report On Drug Use In Baseball Released
Let’s sign him!
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Thursday morning baseball reading for you all! .

  • 53-year old Rafael Palmeiro is considering an MLB comeback. He sounds confident. I don’t think he will come back, but that would be quite the story, wouldn’t it?
  • Ben Reiter of SI predicted the landing spots for the top-50 free agents. He doesn’t see the Twins landing a big fish in the starting pitching pond, but he does project them signing one of the top relievers.
  • New Yankees manager Aaron Boone shared some personal opinions, and there is room here for everyone to find another reason to hate him, whether its take on Star Wars, pineapple on pizza, or most importantly, what constitutes a sandwich.
  • An interesting idea on the why of the MLB trade market. Have teams started to all value players similarly?
  • Finally, a look at the best “bad-ball hitters” of 2017. You’re probably not surprised there is a Twin on the list. You might be surprised which one. Of course, its from CBS sports, so it might really be an SB Nation article?

But, despite the general lack of news, things are still alright, right Mr. Loggins?