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Return of the Son of Thursday Thunder Dump!!!

All the news that’s sort of news, sort of, on a Thursday.

Gov't Pledges Support For Everglades Restoration
“Me get zeeba for shure dis time.”
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

‘CCO: “JoJo MoJo No-Go?”

WCCO gives four reasons why they think the Twins will be better this year. One of which was Joe Mauer won’t be playing as much this season. Seemed like the writer was throwing some serious shade at first, but actually he feels Joe will play better if he’s more rested.

It Takes Balls

About 19,800 baseballs and 720 bats it turns out. According to this story in Naples Florida Weekly about local preparations for Spring Training. The story’s mostly about the Red Sox, but the Twins are there too. If you’ve ever been to Fort Myers, that pretty much sums it up anyway.

Phil Hughes: Rib Used; Tweets Views

FSN reports Hughes saved his spare rib after his thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. He’s thinking about giving it a metal plating and turning it into jewelry. I’m guessing it would be too big for an earring or a charm bracelet.

His tweet about the Grammys got over 900 retweets and 3,100 likes. I guess The Bachelor is sooo last year (is that still a show?).

No More Morneau? More News

Ewan Ross of Toronto - Baseball Prospectus did a preview of the WBC Team Canada, including a nice write up of Twinkie Town’s jeresey/shirsey fave, Justin Morneau and whether he’ll get signed this year or not (spoiler: he’s doubtful, eh?).