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FanPost Friday: Your favorite Twin of all time

"I'm better than you, Kent."
"I'm better than you, Kent."
Genevieve Ross/Getty Images

Welcome back to FanPost Friday!

This is the feature here where I post a question or topic, you consider the question or topic, write a FanPost about said question or topic, and then I pull all of your FanPosts together in a recap post on Monday sometime next week (Thursday?) to give you guys more time!

Last week we asked who your favorite terrible baseball player was. So this week, we're asking...

Who is your favorite Twin of all time?

Easy enough, right? The key here is the why. What is or was it about this player that makes him your favorite? Did you ever meet your favorite player? Do you have a favorite memory or (memories) of this player? What are they?

Did your favorite player change over time? Why? Shed some light on the inner workings of your brain and baseball.

Get started on your FanPost now.