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FanPost Friday: Your Spring Training Guide?

Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

This is the thing where I ask you a question, you consider it, and then your write a FanPost in response. We've been able to put together some cool things.

This week I wanted to put together a Twinkie Town Spring Training Guide,  all about Ft. Myers, FL and all about us! So  we ask...

What are your Spring Training tips?

This is really three different questions:

  1. Been to Twins Spring Training? What was it like? Have any tips? Memories? Favorite and least favorite parts?
  2. Going this year? What do you have planned?
  3. Not going anywhere anytime soon, but can make up a gnarly story like you did?

Whatever it is, get your say into the Twinkie Town ultimate Spring Training guide by writing your FanPost now.