Spring Training tip? Don't Go!

I've been to the Fort Myers area a few times. I like the area. For a few winters in a row, my grandparents rented a place on Sanibel Island. There are some nice places to relax, fish and just chill. After they passed we rented a place there once or twice.

Only once a few years ago we went during Spring Training and I planned to see some Twins games. I was excited as I was living abroad and it was great to be back in the States and I was super excited to watch live baseball. But oh wow I hated it. Lots of people, and the infrastructure just couldn't handle it. We sat in traffic for an hour and decided to turn around and go fishing. My brother says its the worst when the Red Sox and the Twins play.

Fort Myers sucks when its crowded, traffic is bad, the food is just so-so, the beaches get to be not great, but the weather is nice. I think I might like to watch some Extended Spring training after the teams break for to start the season. Or maybe even the very early spring events. But....spring training is the worst.

Don't Go!


Traffic/Parking Stinks during Spring Training