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Red Sox 8, Twins 7: Phil Hughes a little shaky in return

Byungho Park hit a home run in his first at-bat, though.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers
BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY BACK RIBS! I WANT MY BABY BACK RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Another spring training game, another loss in the books! Although disappointing, the Twins looked good at times, even winning by 7-2 at one point. Byungho Park continued his hot streak with a home run (“Park Bang”) in his first at-bat, and it was one of those no-doubters where the camera man has trouble figuring out where the ball even is.

Drew Stubbs added another dinger later in the 4th inning. Park also had a sac-fly later in the game, meaning two RBIs for him. Woo!

Phil Hughes started the game for the Twins, his first time pitching in a “real” game since June 9th. While he lasted the scheduled for two innings, he also have up four hits and two runs in the process—including two near home runs. It’s still early, though, so eh, whatever!

On the other hand, veteran Ryan Vogelsong also got his first chance on the mound for the Twins too, and it was... not good. He lasted two thirds of an inning, where he walked two and have up one earned run (and two unearned). It was sort of a sloppy outing, and the defense from the C-list position players didn’t help.

The only scoreless full-innings pitched for the Twins were by Tyler Duffey and Ryan O’Rourke, who I hope blew chunks all over Jet Blue Park’s bullpen.

There’s still time for the Twins to come back and win the Mayor’s Cup, or whatever it is they call that thing these days.