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Monday Morning Mini Dump

All the links worth clicking.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
Escobar is adorable.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Welcome to the Monday Morning Mini Dump, the only Twins based Monday morning link dump that is this one. Start your day off right, have some coffee or whatever it is you people drink and peruse these interesting links. That is unless you are already at work when this goes live, like I will be.

The optional, but heavily suggested soundtrack this week is Minnesota’s own Motion City Soundtrack’s Worker Bee, because I like subjecting people to my patrician musical taste.

  • According to the Pioneer Press, the Twins seem to be the favorite to sign this years #2 international prospect, Jelfrey Marte. He’s a 16 year old switch-hitting Shortstop from the Dominican. Here is some video of him, if you are into that, accompanied with some radio trash music for whatever reason.
  • Apparently AAA Rochester manager, Mike Quade was in a car accident. Everyone is okay, but, per the Star Tribune, it sounds like it got a little hairy. Cars are scary, people. Be safe.
  • MLBTradeRumors laid out this years camp battles for the Twins, and it is a fun refresher in who is there and what’s up for grabs. The biggest surprise? They predict Chris Gimenez will break camp as the MLB team’s backup catcher. Personally I’m a bigger believer in Garvey.
  • Brian Dozier told Fox Sports that he is “happy to remain a Twin.” because of-frickin’-course he’s going to say that. Still, you can read that if you like ultimately pointless posturing. It passes the time.
  • I leave you with the most recent Park Bang. May your day be as great as his dongs.