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Bovada sets Twins over/under at 74.5 wins in 2017

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That’s fewer than the PECOTA projects said, but more than USA Today’s prediction. So which side are you on?

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Bovada, one of the oldest online gambling sites, released their annual over/under prop bets for MLB today, pegging the 2017 Twins at 74.5 wins. That’s 7th lowest in MLB on their list, with only the Braves, Athletics, Phillies, Reds, White Sox, Brewers, and Padres all ranked lower.

Here’s how they have the rest of AL Central shaking out:

  1. Cleveland Indians - 92.5 wins
  2. Detroit Tigers - 82.5 wins
  3. Kansas City Royals - 76.5 wins
  4. Minnesota Twins - 74.5 wins
  5. Chicago White Sox - 69.5 wins

The Indians have the fourth highest over/under in all of MLB, trailing only the Cubs, Dodgers, and Red Sox.

Would you be happy with 74(ish) wins this year? For comparison, Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA projections predicted 80 wins for the Twins, while USA Today guessed 66 wins.