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FanPost Friday: The 2017 shirsey/jersey census

A small sample of jerseys and shirseys.
A small sample of jerseys and shirseys.
Maija Varda

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

This is a feature where I pose a question or topic to the Twinkie Town community on Friday, you guys consider the question and/or topic, write a FanPost, and ten we circle back around and recap what you guys came up with on Monday.

This week, we're asking...

Tell us about your jerseys/shirseys*.

* A "shrisey" is one of those t-shirts that has the team name on the front and the player name and number on the back, like a jersey, but it's just t-shirt.

Yes, I know that's not a question. That's because there are actually several questions involved here, namely:

  1. How many jerseys/shirseys do you own? What players are they? What color or style? How or why did you get them?
  2. If you own multiple jerseys/shirseys, which one is your favorite?
  3. When and how did you get your first jersey? What player was it of?
  4. Which jersey or shirsey do you want to get next?
  5. Which style of Twins jersey is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Don't you just hate the kasota gold?!
  6. Do you own jerseys/shirseys for other teams?
  7. Do you own jerseys from your own playing days? Why do you still have them? Are you still playing? Are you Glen Perkins?
  8. Do you think owning or wearing players' jerseys is just dumb? Why?
You get the gist. You don't have to answer all these questions or anything--we just want you to tell us about your jerseys/shirseys and/or your thoughts about them.

In the FanPost recap (provided we get enough responses), we'll do a full tally and find out which player jerseys/shirseys are most popular and least popular among Twinkie Towners.

So join us! Get started on your FanPost now.