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Byung Ho Park Designated for Assignment

Move made to make room for Veteran Pitcher

MLB: Miami Marlins at Minnesota Twins
miss you already unless you don’t leave in which case have a great weekend buddy
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins signing of Matt Belisle to the 40-man roster means the team had to make room. That room is 2016’s big free agent signing, Byung Ho Park.

Now, don’t go crying into your Park shirseys yet. If a team wants him, they have to pick up his contract, which has three years and $9-ish million left on it. If you watched Park last season (when we was healthy), you probably aren’t going to make that deal.

On the off chance that someone does pick it up, well, you can start your THEY’RE MAKING ROOM FOR MIKE NAPOLI !!!1!!!11! thread in the comments or on one of our Fan Posts.

If there are any further moves made today, check back here.