My Jeresey/Shirsey collection

GO TWINS!!!! - Hannah Foslien/Getty Images


Morneau home pinstripes (old Metrodome style) My 1st jersey ever! Er... unless Fran Tarkenton counts.

Morneau home alt. dark blue

Johan Santana home blue (not really official MLB, but a knock off. it still buttons up and has the Twins logo, must've been sold under license)


3 Morneau Twins ones, various styles and colors but with name number on back and front

Morneau, Team Canada, eh!


Valencia (Half-off!)

Carroll (Clearance sale!)



Dozier (pre-2016)

In memorium:




You sure ask a lot of questions for someone from Ft Lee, New Jersey, but I'll answer a few:

4. Suzuki, kind of wished I'd bought a Punto, Gardenhire and/or a Thome shirsey when I had the chance, but [cripes] on a crutch, how many [gosh darn] shirseys do I [flipping] need?

5. Kasota gold looks better in person than I thought would but it doesn't seem to fit the rest of the Twins colors. I'm no color wheel expert though, but it still wouldn't break my heart if it went away.

7. I am NOT Glenn Perkins. Happy to clear up any confusion on this matter.

8. Yes it is dumb. I'm a grown ass man for crying out loud and should stop dressing like I'm 12.