My Shirsey/Jersey collection

My collection goes back a couple years. Namely because it includes the likes of Nick Blackburn and Kevin Slowey. I've also got a Nick Punto, Carl Pavano, Pat Neshek, Kyle Gibson, and Brian Dozier. With the exception of Dozier, they're all the pre-gold style. Dozier has the gold. I've also got an American League All-Star Dozier Shirsey in my collection of Twins.

Moving away from Twins Shirseys, I have a couple from other teams as well, namely of my favorite players. I have a Rockies Tulowitzki Shirsey (black, with purple "Rockies" and number, silver trim). Chipper Jones is obviously represented in navy blue Atlanta form. I've also got a Phillies Chase Utley (red, white lettering) and a Cardinals Peter Bourjos (Also red with white lettering). Probably the gem of my collection is my Athletics Punto Jersey (Green, with yellow lettering) because it's the same color green as my old high school.

Moving on to jerseys, I have a Scott Baker Jersey I got for my 16th birthday (2010). It's probably my second favorite in my collection for that reason alone. It was my first Jersey. It's you're home-white style with pinstripes, with Twins in red across the front. I think it's my favorite home Jersey. Simple, yet elegant. I also have a Miguel Sano Jersey. It's the alternate dark blue style with Minnesota across the front.

Other players include Justin Verlander, in what looks like a batting practice or spring training Jersey. It's navy blue with gray piping and the only logo is the D with a tiger crawling through it on the left breast. Following that is my favorite Jersey, my Clayton Kershaw, the away-gray style. It was a Christmas gift last year.

I'm not sure if I'm also supposed to talk about other sports as well, but I have an Andrew Wiggins T-Wolves Shirsey. Blue, says Minnesota in white on the front. I also have a Ricky Rubio black short sleeve jersey (I'm still on the fence about the actual jerseys that have sleeves).

And my collection is rounded off with a Sage Rosenfels Vikings Jersey. Because Vikings and Iowa State.

So my totals: 14 Shirseys, 6 Jerseys.

I'm always on the lookout for Kirby Puckett (obviously) and Fred Hoiberg NBA shirseys/jerseys, so if you know where to find them, let me know. Also ALL of the Nick Punto.