Took a break from doing my taxes (Jersey Post)

  1. How many jerseys/shirseys do you own? What players are they? What color or style? How or why did you get them? Ok I own 1. Cuddyer, Blue with Red Sleeves. Twins across the front 2. Thome Grey road uniform. I also go to garage sales and second hand stores and pick up shirts from various teams. I have a shirt from Bayview??? It is cotton, grey with blue trim and red piping no name no number. One from the Yokohama Baystars circa 1995? White with blue trim only a number 6, no name. One with a pig logo, no team name, white with red and blue trim with the name Starvin Marvin and #7. One from Gough Constuction Navy with gold trim no name #11.
  2. If you own multiple jerseys/shirseys, which one is your favorite? Thome but I never wear it cause it makes me look fat, I think?
  3. When and how did you get your first jersey? What player was it of? My first Twins jersey was Cuddyer, got it after he left the Twins, my ex works for Target so the go to fathers day/birthday/Christmas gift(from my daughter) is whatever is on deep discount at Target especially Twins related. Works for me.
  4. Which jersey or shirsey do you want to get next? I really badly want something from the Melbourne Aces and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, I want to go to see an Iron Pigs game I just love the name Lehigh Valley and then add Iron Pigs, totally METAL!!! I want a Snoop Dogg jersey of any team. Oh yeah I want a Blue Jays jersey anything.
  5. Which style of Twins jersey is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Don't you just hate the kasota gold?! Don't have a favorite one, and I don't mind the Kasota Gold.
  6. Do you own jerseys/shirseys for other teams? See above.
  7. Do you own jerseys from your own playing days? Why do you still have them? Are you still playing? Are you Glen Perkins? I have two from my coaching days(my daughters softball team) Lake Hiawatha Lakers. not Glen Perkins.
  8. Do you think owning or wearing players' jerseys is just dumb? Why? Totally dumb, but whatever.