The Jersey Collection

1.) As of right now, I have a pretty solid collection. I have an American League All-Star Dozier Jersey I bought at the homerun derby here in Minny (This one is my favorite by far even though Bull-Dozier didn't fare well in the competition). I have an authentic Joe Mauer, cream pinstripe, that I am regretting to this date. I have a no-name gray road jersey that is signed by Dan Gladden and Benny Revere! I have a retro powder blue Harmon Killebrew jersey. My most unique jersey is a Nick Punto Italian themed jersey for the WBC. I got the Punto jersey because everyone hated him, but hey the dude could play some defense, and my dad loved calling him Nicky baseball. Lastly, I have a road blue jersey that is no-name. My only shirsey that I have is Trevor Plouffe, which I need to retire because I have a weird obsession with only wearing current player apparel.

2.) My 2014 All-Star Dozier Jersey is great, and it looks even better because the numbers he has put up since the All-Star game was here. Can't wait to frame this one.

3.) My first actual jersey was a Torii Hunter jersey. I was about ten years old, and it was pinstripe road jersey. I had it on practically every day.

4.) I want a Buxton Jersey next. I can't decide between the new red TC jerseys or the home whites.

5.) I do not own jerseys from my playing days. I played all the way till I got to college and realized I wasn't that good and that I was, in fact, a better fan.

6.) I own a retro Cal Ripken Jr. mesh jersey that I bought at Camden Yards. Super cool I get a lot of compliments on this one.

7.) I don't think owning jerseys are dumb. Being a fan and wearing jerseys aren't about the player on the back. It's about bringing me back to a time of nostalgia in my life. What makes baseball so good is that it gives me a breath of air from all the worries in life before I dip below the water line again. When I put my jersey on to go to a game I know it's going to be a great day. It's the small things in life. Everyone has their simplistic pleasures mines baseball what's yours?