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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump Is In The Best Shape Of Its Life

Hosken Powell isn’t dead.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
the owls are not what they seem
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Here is some stuff to read on a Friday morning.

  • Grant Brisbee wrote about former Twins farmhand/World Baseball Classic pitcher/giant motherfucking human Loek Van Mil. It’s good.
  • He also wrote about current Mets farmhand Tim Tebow, who is a goddamn embarrassment who we have to pretend isn’t an embarrassment so evangelical Trump voters don’t yell at us or something. (Forward your “stick to sports” comments to the customer satisfaction office.)
  • Who is the new spring training Minnesota Twins hotness? Phil Miller writes in the Strib that it might be switch-hitting utility man Bengie Gonzalez, who I have definitely heard of before and told everyone to keep an eye on as I am a ball guy.
  • Every spring, there’s a new Kent Hrbek Bloody Mary at Target Field. Last year, there was a slice of pizza as a garnish. The year before, I think it was half a deer or an 8-pack of Corn King hot dogs. 2017 is...

I love Kent Hrbek and I don’t care who knows it.

  • Local hip-hop enthusiast Nick Nelson was at Thursday’s spring training game and he wrote about it for Twins Daily, a lifestyle blog about baseball and gout. Some good observations to be found here.
  • Alex Kiriloff had the Tommy John. See you in 2019 or so, buddy.
  • Cleveland reliever Andrew Miller thinks his former teammate Craig Breslow’s cerebral approach to resurrecting his career just might work. PiPress’ Mike Berardino has more.
  • That’s about it. There’s not much else going on, World Baseball Classic excepted. Have a great Friday!