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Monday Morning Mini Dump: Gordon bros, Dozier’s grandma, and the Olympics.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
The Big P himself.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Welcome to the Monday Morning Mini Dump, the only Monday morning based post on the internet. Period. Don’t bother to fact check that, just trust me.

This week’s soundtrack is A Long December by Counting Crows, because really we need a reason to believe that this year will be better than the last.

  • Some minor news you might have missed during the Despair of Trevor May’s arm falling off: The Twins decided what they will be paying Miguel Sano this year in pre-arb. He’ll make a nice little $572,500. Chump change really.
  • They also hired former big-leaguer Jeremy Hefner as an advanced scout. Hefner had two (2) Tommy John surgeries during his playing years, so he’ll fit right in. Also in that link is a line about Mike Pelfrey getting shelled this spring, so that’s a huge surprise. Still love you though, Pelf.
  • Per the Pioneer Press, Nick Gordon’s brother Dee Gordon thinks he’ll stick at shortstop, because he would be a real dick of a brother if he said otherwise. Still, I’m a sap for sibling love.
  • Brian Dozier calls his recently deceased grandmother “Mammaw” and it is adorable. She sounds like a nice lady, and the article is about as cute as something about someone who just died can be.
  • Also in the above link is a tidbit that Stephen Gonsalves sat because of “posterior soreness in his throwing shoulder” so knowing the Twins that really means he’s going under the knife by the end of the season.
  • I love the WBC and you should too, but what purpose is it going to serve now that Baseball is going to be an Olympic sport again? A lot, I guess as Baseball Comish Robbie Man-Man says it is unlikely MLB players will play in it. It is alright though, we can just do what America does best. Lose at international tournaments for sports we really should be dominating.

And that’s it. Get back to work now you slackers. And don’t forget to comment, like, subscribe and follow me on the tweetbook and the friendblog.