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Red Sox 12, Twins 5: Pablo Sandoval is obnoxious

Large human being Pablo Sandoval hit two home runs off Twins pitching and literally stepped on Max Kepler’s hand (it was an accident).

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins
And everyone’s talking about how much weight Pablo Sandoval LOST in the off-seson...
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This game started off pretty well for the Twins. It really did, In the bottom of the first, they were able to tag four runs off last year’s Cy Young winner, Rick Porcello. Alas, Ryan Vogelsong—who started the game for the Twins—isn’t very good, and having him hold it together longer than an inning is a bit much to ask for.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh. Vogelsong did pitch a full three innings, even after giving up two runs in the top of the second. Those were the only two runs he gave up—which is a lot better than Jake Reed can say. Reed took over for Vogelsong in the fourth inning, and couldn’t even make it out of the inning. He gave up four runs, including a solo-shot to Pablo Sandoval, and was yanked after two outs.

Speaking of Pablo Sandoval, he actually hit two home runs off the Twins today. Yeah, I know—annoying, right? At least the first one he hit off Reed was a solo dong. His second dinger of the game, coming off Nick Tepesch in the sixth, has a three-run bomb, whose blow was only lessened by the fact the Twins were already losing by a healthy four runs.

But, uh, let’s look at the positives! Max Kepler hit a triple. Byron Buxton and Brian Dozier both doubled—in fact, Dozier went 3-for-3. Drew Rucinski threw 1.1 perfect innings. Those are good things, right?

Still, bad day for Jake Reed. Bad day for Nick Tepesch, who gave up five runs total. Bad day for the Twins.


  • While Max Kepler was at third, he had to scramble back to the bag to avoid a tag and Pablo Sandoval—noted fat guy—accidentally stepped on his hand. Kepler was removed from the game, but x-rays were negative.
  • According to Mike Berardino, scouts are very impressed with Adalberto Mejia—who did NOT pitch today—and have him tagged for the fifth rotation spot.
  • The Boston broadcasters talked about the Mayor’s Cup—now called the Chairman’s Cup—for much of the game, which was somewhat perfect timing on my part.
  • Speaking of Boston broadcasters, they can’t pronounce anything! They couldn’t say “brat” (“BRAAAHHHT”), “J.B. Schuck” (“Byron Buxton”), “Chairman’s Cup” (“Chancellor's Cup”), “Mayor’s Cup” (“Governor’s Cup”), and don’t even get me started on them trying to tackle Ehire Adrianza.