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Godzilla Welcomes Tourists To Tokyo
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Take me out to the red wedding...

So what do you think of when you think of graphic violence, nudity, sex, violent sex and sexy violence set in a fictional medieval era and place? If you said, “Baseball,” you could get a career at MLB marketing because that’s exactly what they thought too! MLB is planning on tie-in promotions with HBO for their Game of Thrones series. One of the teams that has signed up is our very own Minnesota Twins. Personally, I’m looking forward to Joe Mauer Wind-up White Walker giveaway night.


Speaking of Joe Mauer, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press did an article about Joe hitting a “double eagle” on a golf outing. Joe also talks about getting plunked, umpires and how Jake Mauer is apparently a fun uncle.

Dread of the Class

Fansided ranked the AL Central teams... is the “bottom of the division” a good thing? They like Brian Dozier, but aren’t too keen on Miguel Sano, Joe Mauer, or our pitchers. You can read the whole blurb by clicking the hyperlink.

The off season grades are in

Twins placed on double secret probation; Draft Board notified of Twins eligibility

USA Today handed out their off season grades for the AL. Apparently this was based entirely on not trading Dozier. I think we need to go to a charter baseball school that doesn’t have such a restrictive, “traditional” grading system.

So, what is Tsuyoshi Nishioka up to?

Well, from what I gather via Google Translate, he’s recovered from his Achilles’ tendon injury and hit what I think was a home run in Spring Training that he dedicated to actress Naomi Fujiyama, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here are a few translated blurbs so you can decipher. I like the Godzilla/Samurai vibe from the translator app.

Naomi Fujiyama (58), actor who loves like a mother just announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before. "This time I will give you the power" and delivered the ale of Nishioka style.

 The long-awaited "one shot" is the 19th bow in the right bat. When landing on the left wing, cheers and applause blew up from the fans. Lightly lifting the left hand and answering it, take off the wear and enter into serious mode. Two more, I threw it into the left wing seat. "Ah, it's tough." Despite spilling out, he showed off the fourth fence across the 45th and closed the "Nishioka show".

I have a meal before the camp now. It was a repayment that "this time I will give you power" and "son". The way to resurrection is still halfway.