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That time I met a cool Twins player...

Have you ever run into an MLB player somewhere? Some of our readers have and they shared their stories.

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox
All these lucky fans got Tommy Field’s autograph!
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever had a cool interaction with a current or former baseball player?

I asked Twinkie Town readers this question last week, and for you guys to share your stories. A bunch of you did, and they were pretty good! I don’t really want to cut them up into pieces, so you should just read the whole posts if you’re interested.

Here’s the rundown:

  • James Fillmore told the story about the time a comment about eating babies actually allowed him to meet Gary Gaetti. (Remember, though: don’t eat babies.)
  • Though he loves baseball, zkonedog wrote about how he doesn’t really have any desire to meet the players, but does like watching them interact before the games. The comments section has a good discussion about how players should be treated, and Scandinavian-ism.
  • Joeyself has a cool story about an old baseball player he met several times with his Dad, and wow, that player wasn’t super famous but did some cool things!
  • rcglanzer shared several stories about meeting various players, including photographic evidence of the time he met David Ortiz (when he was still a Twin, too). My favorite is the response Kirby Puckett gave to a question rcglanzer once asked on the Twins Caravan.
  • bartleyrose wrote about meeting one former Twin in particular who is super freakin’ huge if you ever see him in person (and I can back that up based on my own experiences).

Anyone else remember a random time they ran into a Twins player somewhere? If you ever did see a player in public, how would you react? Would you say anything? How do you think fans should react?

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