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¡Thursday Thunder Dump!

News of sorts, this week with an international flair

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
Heads up, Adalberto!
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Never Tell me the Odds

According to Gaming Today, the Twins are 50:1 long shots to win the AL Central and 100:1 long shots to win the World Series. That’s not too bad considering they put the White Sox at 250:1 and 500:1 after they lost Chris Sale.

Park Bangs Raise Hopes in ROK

Two articles from Korea with high hopes about Byung-Ho Park’s possibilities of staying in the Majors. This one, in English says, “He is displaying stellar performance anew like the 2014-2015 season when he had 50 homers the South Korean baseball league,” after Park hit his fourth home run.

This article from Chosun, via Google translate also talks about Park’s working on hitting fastballs this year and adds, “...but he said that the extra training [last year] was toxic to Park Byung Ho. Many exercises have increased wrist injuries.

May Cut Open; Eats Sammich

UPI reports Trevor May had his Tommy John surgery to fix torn UCL. They say he could be ready for opening day in 2018. His eyebrow game is still on fleek and doing well.

Buxton or Bust, Hoser!

The Toronto Sun lists Byron Buxton as one of 10 MLB “hitters who could have breakout season” this year. “If everything clicks, it’s a potential superstar package in centre field, with speed, power, defence and flair, [eh?]”

It’s a World, World, World, World, World, Maddon

The Cubs’ Joe Maddon wants to have the WBC winner play the World Series winner in a three-game fight to the death. I’m not sure what that will do other than emphasize baseball is an Amurican sport, you fuzzy little foreigners!

“Old Man Yells at Cloud”

The Atlantic looks back at 1987 and has a neat picture of Frank Viola looking like he’s about to tear apart Kirby Puckett in a psychotic rage. Geez, I can’t believe 1987 was that long ago, I still had an onion on my belt back then, which was the style at the time.

Royal Reflux

The Kansas City Royals have revealed a new offering for fans at Kauffman Stadium this year, a pulled pork funnel cake sandwich. It’s a funnel cake, BBQ pulled pork, fried onion, shredded cheddar, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon and jalapeño popper skewer in sammich form.

I guess not every team can have chicken wings and a cheeseburger slider in a bloody Mary. Big League Stew has a short video of that and some other food choices around the MLB this year. Our friends at Royals Review even came up with a “Ballpark Food Generator” so you can randomly recreate the MLB food experience yourself.