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FanPost Friday: Your 2017 Twins superlative predictions

Elsa/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

This is a feature where I post a question or topic to the Twinkie Town community, you read and consider said question or topic, respond to it in a FanPost, and then we share everyone's stuff sometime in the next week. It's fun!

This week we are asking...

What are your superlative predictions for the 2017 Twins players?

You know what superlative are, right? It's like in your school year book where everyone votes someone "Best Dressed" or "Class Clown" or whatever.

Basically, we're asking for your superlative predictions for the 2017 Twins players. You can make up your own categories, and/or just answer the following.

  1. Most likely to succeed:
  2. Most likely to disappoint:
  3. Most likely to make the biggest improvement:
  4. Most likely to hit first home run of the season:
  5. Most likely to commit the first error of the season
  6. Most likely to be the last player to get their first hit:
  7. Most likely to be the first on the DL in the season (Trevor May, Ryan O'Rourke, Glen Perkins, etc. don't count):
  8. Most likely to be placed on the DL due to a non-baseball related injury:
  9. Most likely to be the first to lose their helmet on the base paths:
  10. Most likely to lead the team in ejections:
  11. Most likely to rip their pants during a game:
  12. Most likely to miss a team flight or bus:
  13. Most likely to have rumors spread about them that they are a bad teammate:
  14. Most likely position player to pitch:
  15. Most likely to make their major league debut:

Remember to include short explanations for you choices (serious or silly)!

This is a fun one! Get started on your FanPost now.