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Monday Minnesota: predictions, fatigue data, Taylor Rogers.

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles
31 pickles.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Twins fans. I know it is hard to find the energy to keep going in a post Drew Stubbs world, but let’s all do our best today. Chin up and all that.

Welcome to the M3M, the blah blah blah, here’s some links and a Piebald song becuase I said so.

  • The Pioneer Press has a really interesting article about how the Twin’s training staff is trying to stop players from spontaneously combusting so much by keeping a lot of data. Like all of the data. So much data, in fact, that it might be DANGEROUS.
  • Some Cleveland Indians based blog previewed the Twins if you want a less biased overview of the team going into the 2017 regular season. It all looks and sounds bad but the end prediction is oddly positive.
  • Here is the same thing from NBC sports. Spoilers: This one is crap all the way down. Anyway, what do you all think the 2017 team’s record will be? I’m gonna go with 80 wins even.
  • For something more uplifting, Pioneeeeeeeeeeer Press also has a story about Taylor Rogers, his firefighter grandpa, and Eddie Guardado. Apparently we call him Take the Ball Taylor. Who knew?
  • As I am now out of Twins links (because SOMEONE started a link dump on Sundays) let’s keep with the zoology theme (And the TawnyFroggy theme) and learn how frogs have reversible saliva in that they can dramatically change the viscosity of their frog-spit to suit them. Also, because it is my favorite frog-based fact that no one seems to know, you can also read about how if you castrate male true toads they just become fully functioning females. How utilitarian of them, right?

That’s what we all like to wake up to right? Toad castration.