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Tuesday Twins: How about that Kyle Gibson?

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians - Game One
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Last Tuesday before the season! Here are the links:

  • Kyle Gibson has looked great so far this spring for the Twins, which praise god hallelujah I hope I didn’t just jinx this.
  • Robbie Grossman may have pulled his groin, but he still wants to get after it.
  • Remember a month or so ago when Kirby Puckett’s old house in Edina went up for sale? It finally just sold for $1.4 million. Please tell me one of you bought it to be the official Twinkie Town group vacation home. Seriously. I will bring the Heggie’s and Diet Coke.
  • The new Twins hitting coach, James Rowson, is working really hard with Miguel Sano. Unfortunately, now all I’m thinking about is Zap Rowsdower and if they have beer on the sun.
  • Even though the Twins moved 2015 First Round Draft pick Tyler Jay back to the bullpen, can he still be valuable as a first round pick? No. Cody Christie from Twins Daily explored the idea.