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FanPost Friday: Worst case scenario for the Twins in 2017?

Poor Nishi. His whole Twins career was worst-case-scenario.
Poor Nishi. His whole Twins career was worst-case-scenario.
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

This is a thing we do here at Twinkie Town where I pose a question or topic, you guys write a FanPost about said question or topic, and than I gather your answers together in a post sometime next week. It's fun. I swear.

This week we're asking...

What is the worst case scenario for the 2017 Minnesota Twins?

Yep, that's right. We want you to come up with the worst possible thing you think could happen to the Twins this year. The young players can't develop? Byron Buxton tears his ACL? The Twins trade Brian Dozier at the deadline? TC Bear goes on a rally beer-fueled rampage? The entire team gets bilateral leg weakness?!

What would the situation be like? Paint a picture for us so we can all understand. Use statistics, if that's your thing. How would it affect the rest of the team, or you as a fan? Why would it be the worst thing to happen to our beloved boys of summer?

We'll make a poll and vote on whose worst case scenario is the worst-est case scenario next week.

Put on your pessimistic cap and get started on your FanPost now.