Beckmt worse case senario

Twins pitching implodes. Hughes does not regain velocity and is released. Berrios and May have control and command issues and are optioned to Rochester. Santana regresses to league average pitcher and none of the other kids are ready, so starting staff is retread veterans. Santana, Santigo, Gibson, Vogelsong, etc. This staff starts April and May with ERA north of 6 and most are released, forcing Twins to force feed the youngsters.

Team limps to end of year with team ERA of about 5.50 and left side of defense is a disaster. Falvey and Levine decide they have to rebuild entire minor league pitching coach staff and rebuild looks like more of a 3-5 year project than a short term fix.

After year Falvey and Levine tell Pohlad he needs to spend money on pitching and are fired. Old regime is replaced with another of the same type and Twins start looking forward to 2021.