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News-ish storys now with more click-baity titles!

Spring Comes To The UK Capital
Almost time for the Opener!
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Dishing DIRT on Derek

NYT has an article about the Twins Big-Bopper of Baseball Ops, Derek Falvey and his philosophy on pitching, pitching, pitching.

“There’s an organizationwide desire to shed that label, the pitch-to-contact term,” Falvey said. “So there’s a lot of energy around embracing some new programs to make sure we are talking about velocity development and how we get strikeouts and some elements to finish pitches. I think it’s the right fit now, because the organization is open to that conversation.”

You can read the story by CLICKING HERE

Joe to hit A NEW LOW?

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press is saying Joe Mauer may bat seventh in the lineup against lefties. Joe hasn’t batted that far down the batting order since 2004.

“I’ve got four left-handed hitters you could consider regulars, if you will, at least to some degree,” Molitor said. “Whether they’re all going to be playing against a given lefty on a given day is probably not going to happen, but we’re going to mix giving chances. We’ve got to keep the other people in the game too.”


All of Target Fields wrappers, nacho trays, beer cups, straws, and utensils are compostable, all 300 tons of it. PRNewswire has the story.

"Our fans should be proud of all they're doing to make Target Field the greenest ballpark in America," said Jase Miller, Manager of Ballpark Operations for the Minnesota Twins. "Together, we've kept hundreds of tons of trash out of local landfills.

I saw a flower pot that was made out of cow manure one day. So what was that “plastic” fork actually made of if it’s compostable? Inquiring minds want to know!

What SECRETS does Puckett’s Mansion Hold?

Hidden vaults? Underground dungeons? A super-villain’s lair? ICYMI Devereaux linked to it a couple of days ago, here’s a slideshow of the MYSTERY HOUSE that was just sold for $1.6 million done by MSP Biz Jo.

You WON’T BELIEVE these German Words!

An article in German about the “Fluch des Zeigenbock” in WAZ-Online mentions Max Kepler. Don’t worry though, Max doesn’t appear to be in any danger from Fluchs or Zeigenbocks. The article finally REVEALS the German words for “doubles,” “home run,” and “right fielder.” They also misspell Max’s last name. Ach!

Prez Sez Nyet to Nats

President Trump has declined to throw out the traditional first pitch at the Washington Nationals Opening Day citing a “scheduling conflict.”

Tee times at Mar-A-Lago can be tough to get this time of year. So instead we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with a darker shade of orange Donald, and his wife Melania singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” He holds the mic in his tiny hand so it’s almost all Donald you hear, it ends with a bizarre camera zoom on Melania’s um... upper torso.

Still there? Well, if you voted for the other binary choice in last November’s election, here’s (then FLOTUS) Hillary Clinton singing the same song with Harry Caray in 1994. Hillary gets booed before she even starts singing, which we can’t hear anyway because Harry mercifully doesn’t let her anywhere near the mic either.

h/t Big League Stew