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Roster finalized, ByungHo Park left off it

The Twins decided to go with thirteen pitchers instead of twelve, leaving ByungHo Park in the minors.

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The Twins finalized their Opening Day roster this morning, and let’s just say Korean MLB message boards right now are probably a dumpster fire.

That’s because ByungHo Park—who hit a team-leading six home runs this spring, and seemingly did everything the Twins could have asked for—did not make the team. He was reassigned the the minors and will start the year in Triple-A Rochester. So, uh, I guess that was one way to deal with the 40-man roster that I didn’t anticipate.

Park was obviously bummed, but seemed to remain determined as ever.

Instead of adding Park, the Twins decided to keep both Adalberto Mejia and Tyler Duffey, meaning they are going with thirteen pitchers instead of twelve like I thought. Mejia will officially take the fifth spot in the rotation while Duffey will rot away in the major league bullpen instead of staying stretched out in Triple-A. Just kidding! Duffey will probably see a lot of action because all of the Twins pitching sucks. Actually, that’s probably the very reason the Twins are doing this.

As for the Opening Day DH, I guess that’s going to be Robbie Grossman.