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FanPost Friday: Opening Day

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday.

Here at FanPost Friday, I usually ask a question or something, you respond with a FanPost, and then we share the responses. It's fun. Sometimes.

Because the big day is coming up, this week I'm asking...

Opening Day?

I mean, it's the best day of the year, right? Or is it something else?

What does Opening Day mean to you? Want to write an ode to it? Are you going to a baseball game? Watching on TV? Do you have any Opening Day traditions? Ever attended a Twins Home Opener? What was it like?

You can write about what you do or don't like about this year's team and opener. Advocate for making it a national holiday. Have any other suggestions for making it better? Share 'em!

Or, if you're going to Opening Day at Target Field this year, you can write a review of how the day went.

We just want to hear your excitement about the big day! So get started on your FanPost now!