The Ultimate Twins Worst Case Scenario

In my view, the worst-case scenario wouldn't seem like it at first.

It starts out where all the Umps go on strike and the MLB is stocked with Replacement Umps (we've seen how well this works in the NFL a few times).

The Twins don't play particularly well, but because of bad Umping, many calls go their way. The replay system is over-used to the point that Manfred, within the first two weeks, just takes it away to keep the New York office from being over-worked.

Game after game, the Twins keep winning due to bad calls. Fans start attending more games, not because the Twins are winning, but because they can't believe professional sports has devolved into this.

There are some bright spots... again, mostly due to constant horrible calls, Mauer has his last career year, Dozier regresses a little, but still posts an All-Star worthy performance the whole year long, Buxton is the best defensive outfielder in the league while Kepler and Sano both hold their own while not being stellar. Park also bangs enough HRs to force the Twins to trade Kennys Vargas mid-season for a #5 starter and a RP to the Blue Jays, who end up trading Vargas at the end of the year to the Red Sox (it will make sense later).

Perkins pulls a Radke where he has a solid year while also knowing his career is done after the season.

The Twins take the division and go to the playoffs.

However, just before the playoffs begin, a deal is made with the regular Umps who call games correctly, the Twins lose, once again, in the first round to the Yankees, ironically on several bad calls that go the other way.

After the season, Manfred declares the season a disgrace and removes all titles from all the teams including individual awards. He awards the World Series trophy to the Yankees despite several other teams having better records and the fact that the Yankees lost in the second round of the playoffs to the Rays and the fact that they had the worst record of any team ever making the playoffs.

Manfred contracts the League after the season, but due to state law, the Twins are converted to a AAA team to the delight of many who post on STRIB, KFAN and Facebook. The Pohlads still refuse to sell because they will lose too much money and Joe Mauer is now the highest paid player in AAA.